Silicon carbide Sharpening stones

Are used for removing tools with broad blades.
Combination bank stones are used in the same way. They, however, have a rough page on one side and a fine page on the other one.  

Silicon carbide, form stones

Silicon carbide, multi-form stones
Silicon carbide, Hollow chisel stones

Special form for all profiles at engine knives are available. They can be used inside the machine without replacing them.  

Silicon carbide Whetstones

made of pure silicon carbide, the hardest abrasive compound after the diamond. The firm, sharp-egded and pointed dragging grains of the silicon carbide have got acting dragging strength.

You attack the hardest and most modern steels, even hard metal consequently like Widia etc. without any effort and therefore do fast and correct work.

Fields of application:
Tool engineering, form making, engraver and precision engineer workshops, surgery operations as well as all types of woodworking.

Silicon carbide oilstones are used alternatively with water, oil and also dry.
After the application a fine finishing is recommended with our Original Hard Arkansas form stones.

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