Silicon carbide whetstones

Seized stones and bank stones as combination stone (roughly/finely) for the wet, oil or dry sanding suitably.  


Silicon carbide bacon cutter

We can deliver the stones by itself or together with a wooden handle. 

Silicon carbide whetstones/silicon carbide bacon cutters

Silicon carbide whetstones are from pure silicon carbide, the second hardest abrasive following the diamond. The strong, sharp edged and pointed sharpen grains of the silicon carbide possess a fast-working grinding power. They attack consequently the hardest and most modern steel out, even tungsten carbide such as Widia etc., easy and carry therefore achieve a sharp and correct work.

Blue/white of whetstones

The kind of the use is equal to the sports club whetstone. They are particularly used in butcher´s requirements.  

Hard Arkansas bank stone in the wood box

This stone is used only with light oil or with petroleum. These belongs to the proven nature whetstones. Their particularly even structure, as well as the high refinement and hardness provide the condition for a gentle, but accurate gumption effect.  

Original Belgian breaking

This stone is used only with water and should not drain after use. A natural product for finest and precise taking of work, everywhere, where perfect a cut is to be obtained.