Fleece products find use in almost all application fields. The different products are used on hand machines, stationary machines and also as hand abrasive compound.


for cleaning welded seams

Remove of dirt

Corrosion and other pollutions to the maté animals/Line matieren and site foremen of surfaces easy deburr

Fields of application:

for hand cutting of the roll or as a pad on hand machines (e.g. angle grinder)

Tube tape and finger grinder,

Glossy finishing machines,

Flexible shaft,

Straight grinder,

Vibrating grinder and Exenter grinder on stationary machines (e.g. tape grinding machines, dragging buck)

Sharpening fleece products are deliverable in all customary Sizes and granulations.


Rough cleaning discs

are suitable for cleaning welding seams excellently.
You remove dirt, colour residues and oxide films.  

Rough cleaning discs are free of corrosion producing metals and replace
Wire brushes and other tools cleaning.

on stationary engines, drill presses, joint grinders, flexible shafts and straight grinders.