Brilliantly sure: ACE OF 60 INOX, FREE CUT

A similar revolution, like the insertion of the anti-lock braking system system in the motorcar, is the Free Cut principle expressed to the patent for separating disks.

It reduces a jamming of the separating disk in the workpiece and avoids the dangerous effect (spontaneous setback of the joint grinder) kick-bake "".

The use: Comfortable, simple disconnect with an absolutely sure feeling.
Free Cut: Disconnect in a new dimension.

The conical form of the disk crosscut of 2 mm of strength in the outstanding on 1 mm in the inside area optimizes the cutting behaviour in every regard.

The disk in the workpiece does not jam any brakes of the disk by lateral friction, none the dangerous is through this ("kick-bake effect") avoided.

The cutting work is done only at the end wall. The disk is good-natured in the application: cutting pleasantly, fast and for certain, good cut guide.

Just as suitable for the disconnect of steel and high-grade steel as for non-ferrous metals,
Iron, sulphur and chlorine-free (respectively < 0.1%).

Suitable for thin-wall and thick-walled profiles and full material.


One make himself from two:

You also may side bows the first thin separating disk with this one.

The world novelty A flat 46 T INOX cut+scab unites two qualities:
Fast disconnect and page bows in an operation! For steel and high-grade steel.

With the 2.5 mm strong aces' 46 t of cut+scab separate with comfortable speed and immediately can deburring without disk changes, onphase and slure. This saves make-ready times and therefore money!

N is adhered to of course by at least 290 the specified page load for rough-filing disks. The disks are checked by a neutral place and the compliance with the page load is confirmed.

For normal and high-grade steel both for full material and profiles suitable.