Corundum, Whetstones 

Silicon carbide whetstones

For removing tools with broad blades.
Combination bank stones have a rough side and a fine side.  

Silicon carbide multiform stones and silicon carbide Hollow chisel stones

Special oilstones are used for hand tools and for all profiles at engine knives to be able to remove these in the engine without replacing.
Sc-dragging files

Square -- triangular -- half-round -- round
Suitable for the work of precision tools as well as for the post-processing of hardened moldings.  

Silicon carbide whetstones are made of pure silicon carbide, the hardest abrasive compound following the diamond. The firm, sharp-egded and pointed grinding grains have a quick-acting grinding strength. You attack the hardest and most modern steels, even hard metal like Widia etc. effortlessly and do therefore fast and correct work.
Suitably for the dry cutting, however also with oil or water usable.
After the application we recommend our Hard Arkansas form stones to the fine finishing.

Nature, whetstones  

Arkansas bank stones
Arkansas-Hollow chisel stones
Arkansas-Multi-form of stones
Arkansas sculptor stones
Arkansas-measuring resounding form

Arkansas bench stones in the wood box

are deliverable in different sizes.  

Arkansas files

Square -- triangular -- halfround -- round deliverable.  

These stones can be produced in our own workshop. In all sizes demanded.

Hard Arkansas stones are part of the most approved Nature whetstones.
By the even structure as well as fineness and hardness a gentle but exact blade is obtained.

Hard Arkansas is a very fine natural stone. By the application with a thin oil or paraffin you obtain a clean and burr free blade.

The various forms and sizes of the Arkansas products make use possible in all lines of business, into the precision is in demand. Arkansas stones are used most in connection with sc oilstones in which fine bows are used silicon carbide stones to the pre-bows and Arkansas to this.

Original Belgian Stones 

Original Belgian Stones

you use only with water and should not dry out after use.  

Original Belgian Stones are suitable for finest and precise Taking off work.
Available in different sizes.