The company FMS was founded 1957 as family business.

As a location one chose Bad Münster am Stein- Ebernburg. The work rich advancement of the company started, having been here in the charming landscape west of Mainz.

The enterprise was changed into a GmbH/Ltd. in the middle of the eighties.

From the beginning one has specialized in the sale of abrasive compounds and in the processing of natural stones. We could therefore grow up at home and abroad to a successful supplier. At the complete success one may a special quota ascribe Fritz and Hildegard Müller to the founders.

The company FMS-Schleifmittel GmbH/Ltd. offers a complete programme at grinding wheel´s and grinding bodies, abrasive compound on underlay as well as diamond and CBN-grinding body. In the modern production there is hardly a product, in the production abrasive compounds do not play a large role, it is for the processing of wood, metal, glass, stone, leather, porcelain or other materials.

Talk to us about the solution of your grinding technical problems. We have great, long-standing experiences. Our technical consultation service free of cost always is at your disposal upon request. If you also hold step with the time, you do not do without the offered technical discussion. Decide in favour of adaptability, service and consultation. Take us as partners. You need more abrasive compound than you suspect. We have it. Perhaps even better, more economically than you know.

Müller's quality abrasive compounds are already delivered in the fourth generation for all grinding work into all branches of industry. The grinding articles were always adapted to the latest grinding procedures in the course of the decades.

Our programme embodies quality. This general target for all our company led to our success. Our articles are widely known about the limits of Germany because of your quality and the always constant reliability. You render an optimal dragging service with our customers.

We have made a selection on the following pages from the most common delivering assortment which, however, cannot be considered exhausting by far.